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Losing in a typical game of bowling got you down? Don’t get even…get MAD!

Mad Games is a fun way to compete even if you’re not the greatest bowler on the lane. Our Mad Games offer shorter games, simpler ways to score, and adaptive skill levels. Get MAD today!

Bowling Leagues

Bowlin’ Hood

Enter the archery competition, shoot your arrows, score a bull’s-eye and become the hero of the kingdom! The “archery” score for each shot depends on the bowling score and on the bowler level.

Monster Factory

Build a crazy monster with your best shots! Your monster takes shape with each ball you throw. All players build their own unique monster one ball at a time—and can even take him home!

Character Factory

Create your own character on the lanes as you bowl. With each ball you get a new crazy feature for your character. This game features both guys and gals. Then when you’re done, you can even take them home with you!

Battle on the lanes

Destroy the castle of the opposing player/team and you win! Play lane vs. lane or team vs. team (on a single lane). The number of pins knocked down determines the stones thrown and the amount of damage done to the opponents.

Paradise Island Bowling

Paradise Hours